the 73rd JCA meeting in Yokohama, Japan. 2014, Sep 25-27

Nakamura Lab, 2014 JCA annual meeting    
date time session by type
9/25/2014 (Thu) 9-10 am E16-1,  Novel approachs of molecular target therapy Dr. Park oral
  9-10 am E14-1, Gynecological cancer (1) Miran oral
  9-11:30 am IS-1, Lesson from CML: cure of cancer with molecular target therapy Houda oral (20 min)
9/26/2014 (Fri) 9-11:30 am S-18, Pharmacogenomics and its clinical application Dr. Kiyotani oral (25 min)
  2-3 pm E14-9, Hematopoietic neoplasms : tumor growth and accessory cells  Poh Yin oral
  3-4 pm E7-3, Clinical application of cancer genome analysis  Kai Lee oral
9/27/2014 (Sat) 11:00-12:00 pm E12-3, Tumor immunity 2 Xiao oral
  3-4 pm E9-2, Epigenetic regulation (2) Dr. Hamamoto oral
  4-4:45 pm P9-4, Epigenetic regulation Lianhua poster
  4-4:45 pm P9-4, Epigenetic regulation Makoto poster
  4:45-5:30 pm P11-17, Glycosylation and cancer control (2) Jiaying poster
  4:45-5:30 pm P12-16, Tumor microenvironment  Dr. Tamura poster