2016 February, AACR-JCA joint conference in Maui, Hawaii

Yusuke has given an opening synposium-'Development of novel small-molecule inhibitors targeting cancer-stem cells'

2/16 keynote lecture
Yusuke Nakamura
Development of novel anti-cancer drugs targeting cancer stem cells.

2/17 Poster Session A
Yuji Ikeda
Germline PARP4  mutations in patients with primary thyroid and breast

Yuichiro Yoshioka
Critical role of SMYD3-mediated methylation in the oncogenic activity of

Theodore Vougiouklakis
SUV420H1 enhances the phosphorylation and transcription of ERK1 in cancer

Taigo Kato
Significant growth suppressive effects of TOPK and MELK inhibitors in
kidney cancer.

2/18 Poster Session B
Yunus Emre Tarhan
GALNT6 is a novel molecular target in treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Xiaolan Deng
PRMT1 enhances formation of chromosomal passenger complex (CPC) through
arginine methylation of INCENP in human cancer cells.

Jae-Hyun Park
T cell receptor repertoire predicts clinical response of neoadjuvant
chemotherapy in breast cancer.

2/19 Poster Session C
Kazuma Kiyotani
Identification of peptide-specific T cells in advanced colorectal cancer
patients treated with cancer peptide vaccines through deep TCR sequencing.

Tu H Mai
Quantitative Analysis and Clonal Characterization of T-cell Receptor Beta
Repertoires in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients in a Phase II Clinical
Trial of a Novel Three-Peptide Vaccine.